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About Our Company

We believe that the keys to success are progression and improvement. We like to think that we are the best of both pillars. We are very progressive when it comes to finding tomorrows’ gold standard device(s) in healthcare products, at the same time we also look to improve on our current selection of products.

As distributors of devices used to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we firmly believe that by doing our due diligence, we will always find the best product(s) to help prevent the spread of this and future viruses. It is our duty to always provide businesses and people alike, with the highest quality, locally sourced (when possible), gold standard products.

We will also continue to show support to our local communities, and especially the youth and at-risk individuals of those communities. By purchasing any of our products, a portion of the profits go to local community non-for-profit organizations. Without your support, these institutions would be less able to help those that truly need them the most.


About Our Team

Managing Director

Director of Business Development & Acquisitions

Director MEAP (Middle East, Asia, Pacific)

What Makes us different

What makes MeigR products so unique is the simple fact that each product is carefully selected, and thoroughly tested to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality at affordable prices. Since our products are used in healthcare facilities, it is of paramount importance to us that the quality assurance and control practices we use, always provide the best results for you. 90-95% product quality management is simply not enough. We stand behind our products and behind you 100%.

Mission Statement

Caring and helping, is what we do. We are the best at what we do

Vision Statement

To improve and expand our products that will continue to allow social interaction and contact, in every community and country around the world

Value Statement

At MeigR, we believe that there is nothing more precious than life. We are committed to protecting that in every way possible by improving our products and knowledge for a better future for you. We get better at what we do because you deserve that. We listen, inform & educate using best practice methods and improved products & technologies in the industry. We challenge ourselves to get better with each day that passes.