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Product Description:

The new Optima Steamer™ SE-II is the next step in dry steam technology, blending the function and convenience of the models leading up to this point with advancements in power, capabilities and features. This stainless steel electric model is our most innovative steam cleaning machine to date. Using the latest in steam technology, the Optima can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odors and eliminate harmful pathogens from a variety of surfaces without generating waste water runoff. The SE-II requires a 3-phase electric power supply and is available in three models: an 18K, 27K and 42K. ASME compliant models are also available.

The SE-II is designed for indoor use and is ideal for:

  • Food and beverage equipment and production line sanitization
  • Manufacturing/CNC and HVAC cleaning
  • Bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi elimination
  • Winery and brewery equipment cleaning and sanitization
  • Medical and hospitality sanitization

Available Models:

  • 18K (208V, 230V, 480V);
  • 27K (480V);
  • 42K (480K)


  • Clean and sanitize hard-to-reach areas

Dry steam can clean nooks and crannies in legacy equipment without sanitary design, harborage sites, water, and pressure sensi­tive parts and surfaces.

  • Simplified process

With no drainage requirement, bring the Optima Steamer™ to what needs to be cleaned and sanitized, not the other way around. Convert a traditionally COP pro­cess into a CIP process.

  • User-friendly LCD display

LCD display helps operators to see the operating status, error message, and maintenance alerts in real-time.

  • ASME, CSA, UL, and CE

As proof that the Optima Steam­er™ is in compliance with major international codes and standards, you will find various stamps and marks.

Intended Use

  • Food & beverage processing equipment and facility sanitization
  • Food packaging and bagging equipment
  • Wineries, breweries, and distilleries
  • Conveyor belt, mixer, weigher, slicer, cutting table sanitization
  • Food pasteurization
  • Manufacturing (CNC) & HVAC equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleanroom maintenance
  • Food transporter sanitization
  • Phosphating, pretreatment for painting, and coating

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