Product Features:

  1. On-Board Digital screen reporting:
    1. HEPA filter/airflow integrity
    2. Carbon final filtration integrity
    3. UVC light intensity/integrity
    4. Processed CFM air volume
  2. 110-120 voltage standard outlet with the same power requirements as a typical residential ceiling fan.
  3. Zero airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, no negative or positive air pressure interference, NO by products, NO ozone.
  4. 360-degree total air system creates a quiet undetectable matching air induction and exhaust vortex.
  5. Patented carbon substrate for complete odor and VOC removal.
  6. Large-volume induction UVC kill chamber processing germ-laden air destroying virus. bacteria. mold less than 0.3 micron in size.
  7. High-capacity HEPA pre-filter cartridge captures particulates down to 0.3 microns.
  8. Powerful 400 CFM fan performs complete air change disinfection within 2-5 minutes in a typical room of approximately 800 cubic feet (10’x10’x8)
Voltage 110
Rated Power 110 V / 1.6 Amps
Machine external size 22*37 inches
Noise 62-64 decibels
Air Circulation 400 CFM
Disinfection Process HEPA (0.3 um) pre-filter
  UV-C 253.7nm (254 nm) 36W non-ozone light array
  Treated carbon substrate final filter granulated moisture resistant




Price Card:

MoQ CIF Toronto Price
1 CAD $11000.00/SET



Product Specification

The S400 uses patented UVC technology, laboratory tested in bio-aerosol test chambers to eliminate up to 99.9995% of viruses, eradicate bacteria and mold, removing up to 97% of non-viable particulates, destroying

odor, and removing VOC’s in a standard 800 cubic-foot room in minutes!

The S400 is facility proven. Nationally recognized by hospitals like NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester, Federal VA Hospitals, NY Health Hospitals, Baptist Health Systems.

Using S400 in Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, Compounding Pharmacies, Laboratories, Isolation Rooms, Food-Service, ER’s, Waiting Rooms, and more.


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